Liverpool City Council Cemeteries

Liverpool City Council administers six cemeteries in the city, but they don’t all offer the same options when it comes to burials. Not all of them offer plots solely for cremated remains, while some now only allow burials in existing graves.

Two of the six Liverpool cemeteries, Toxteth Park and Allerton, are in the south of the city. Toxteth Park, sometimes known as Smithdown Road cemetery, is now over 160 years old but despite its age still accepts new burials. Cremated remains though can only be interred in existing graves not in specialist plots.

Liverpool cemeteries

Allerton cemetery’s proximity to Springwood crematorium means that it does offer cremated remains plots, as well as new graves for coffins. Allerton is also the only one of the Liverpool cemeteries that accommodates eco-friendly burials in woodland areas. These take place using a biodegradable coffin and the no headstones are allowed, instead just wooden markers.

The oldest cemetery in the north of the city is Anfield, which remains open for both new graves and plots for cremated remains. With Anfield crematorium being next door, there is also a rose garden where ashes can be scattered and small memorial plaques placed. There is a similar garden to this at Springwood.

The only other cemetery in the north of the city open to new burials is Everton, situated in Fazakerley. Like Toxteth, this only allows the interment of cremated remains in full burial plots.

Liverpool cemeteries

Both Kirkdale and West Derby cemeteries have been closed for a number of years to new burials in full graves. They will only allow interments of coffins in existing graves that have space, but will allow the replacement of headstones. It is still possible however to buy plots in Kirkdale just for cremated remains.

Sarsfield Memorials has a close working relationship with Liverpool city council and can supply and renovate headstones in all of their cemeteries, providing we have permission from the grave owner. If you are thinking of erecting a headstone or doing some maintenance or repair to an existing memorial please contact us. We will be happy to give you advice on this and transfer of ownership of graves if required, as well as a free no obligation quote.