Carrara marble

Carrara Marble is a white marble that is suitable both for memorial headstones and ornamentation.

Quarried in Tuscany, Italy, for over two thousand years, Carrara Marble can be seen on some of Rome’s most famous buildings.  It also forms much of the design of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, the largest in the world.

Carrara Marble can be engraved finely and deeply, giving a beautiful finish to inscriptions. Once incised, the letters traditionally are leaded they can be painted with equal effect to provided a high quality finish. Under the sun’s rays, Carrara Marble glistens and looks beautifully tranquil in the cemetery or graveyard, a fitting memorial over your loved one’s grave.

Carrara Marble

One thing that you must be aware of with Carrara Marble is that it is softer than many other materials used for memorials. Whereas this gives an advantage for carving, it does make it more prone to weathering especially on graves that are near to trees or hedges.

Due to its softer texture, Carrara Marble is easier to carve. Traditional Ogee shaped headstones can be enhanced by carvings of flowers or religious symbols. Alternatively it can be used for carved ornamentation such as cherubs or angels, complimenting  memorials made from other materials. Carvings from Carrara Marble can go really well with blue or grey granite memorials as the example in the image, recently completed by us, shows.

Sarsfield Memorials, Liverpool’s oldest family run monumental masons, can supply a range of Carrara Marble memorials and ornamentation. If you would like to discuss what we offer please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. We will also of course guide you on whether this is a suitable choice of memorial depending on your grave location and be able to provide a free no obligation quote.