Cremation Plots

Over the last few decades there has been an increasing shift towards cremation rather than burials, the figure being around 75%. As such, sections reserved solely for cremation plots are becoming a commons sight in cemeteries.

Unlike with burials, cremation allows families more time to consider what to do with their loved ones remains. Many will prefer to see the ashes scattered in a favourites place, but others may wish for a memorial where they can visit and remember their loved one.

Cremation plots

In the longer term, cremation plots can be cheaper than colonnade niches at crematoriums. These niches, where urns can be stored with a memorial plaque, are for a limited number of years and can be more costly than plots once you have renewed two or three times.

Cremation plots allow for a small to medium sized headstone and flower container to be placed there. This also allows you to add a personal touch to your loved one, such as laser etched images and photo plaques. The memorial needn’t be in a traditional upright or ogee style either, with heart and book shapes being possible. Although available, religious symbols are not so commonly see at cremation plots as cremation tends to be favoured by those who are more secular.

In the Liverpool city council area, Allerton, Anfield and Kirkdale cemeteries allow the purchase of cremation plots on a seventy five year lease.  A height restriction of three feet six inches is placed on the memorial. In Knowsley, cremation plots are only available for purchase at Whiston Cemetery. It needs to be remembered that they are rarely available in churchyards. Churches tend to have a small memorial garden instead, although there are some in the Merseyside area that allow for them.

Sarsfield Memorials is Liverpool’s oldest family run monumental mason business. We have a wide selection of memorials for cremation plots. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise on what is feasible depending on the area you live.