Headstones For Everton Fans

Given how much of a football mad area Merseyside is, it is no surprise that there is a high demand for headstones for Everton fans. Take a stroll through any cemetery in Liverpool and the surrounding areas and you will soon some across a headstone that has been placed over the grave of an Evertonian.

When it comes toHeadstone for Everton Fan having a headstone made for an Everton fan there are a number of choices, one of which is having the whole headstone cut into the shape of the club badge. It may be more preferable though to have the Everton crest etched or sandblasted onto a standard headstone.

Thanks to technological progress, monumental masons now have the luxury of using newer methods alongside the traditional hand carved techniques. Nowadays a hard and tough material such a granite can easily have images added by etching and sandblasting. On the other hand softer materials such as marble, Portland stone and sandstone can easily be carved by a skilled mason.

Rather than use etching, another way to add an Everton crest is to have it printed onto a plaque which is then affixed to the headstone. These kiln finished ceramic plaques are very good at withstanding extreme weather and vandalism. These pleverton headstoneaques can also be added to existing headstones and an ideal addition to a memorial at birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries.

If having the Everton crest added to a headstone is a bit too much, then you may feel adding a simple inscription to the existing lettering is better.  There are many phrases associated with Everton, the traditional one being Nil Satis Nisi Otimum. Alternatively you may prefer the more modern The People’s Club or Come On You Blues, perhaps abbreviating it to C.O.Y.B.   

When considering an Everton related headstone you do need to be aware that the colours of the club crest will be a better match for some materials than others. For grayscale images that are Everton headstoneetched to the headstone, black granite is best. However if you want the image to be coloured, then think about what blue goes best with, grey granite would arguably be better than sandstone for example. 

If your loved one was a Everton fan and you would like a headstone to reflect this, at Sarsfield Memorials we are sure to have something for you. We have over sixty years of experience of guiding customers on the right type of memorial for you and will be glad to assist. Please feel free to contact us for a discussion on how we can best meet your requirements and a free no obligation quote.