Heart Shaped Headstones

At Sarsfield Memorials we are often asked to supply heart shaped headstones but before committing there are some factors you have to consider.

Traditionally Roman Cathoheart and roses granite etched and shaped headstonelics have held a devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, believing this shows Christ’s divine love for humanity. This has over time led to the heart being a symbol of love between two people. As such, heart shaped headstones are a tasteful choice when choosing a memorial due to this symbol of love, affection and desire.

Due to the shape of a heart there is less space at the bottom for the inscription, so you can not use as many words as you would do on a conventional rectangular headstone. It is possible to offset this by having a taller heart for your memorial, but you need to be aware that this will increase the overall cost due to the extra material being used. Realistically speaking, heart shaped headstones are most suitable for no more than two names, unless you want to restrict the amount of lettering you use in the inscriptions; if it is a double grave you may wish to think about a double heart memorial.

When it comes to what a heart shaped headstone should be made from, granite is the most practical as it is extremely durable against the elements, polishes well and can be cleanly cut using modern methods into a heart shape tailored to customer needs. Options that people consider when buying a heart memorial include having it stand alone as a simple heart shape, or sometimes sat on a rectangular or square base, or leaning back on an angle, with a support behind.

Alternatively, ornamentation may be added such as angels or hands white heart shaped memorialthat appear to be holding the heart upright. The heart may even be broken signifying the grief cause by loss, sometimes with an angel in between the two sides.

Granite is additionally an ideal material for the lettering and etching images onto a headstone and the heart shaped memorial can be complemented with verses, poetry or symbols that have meaning between you and your loved one. Hearts can also be used for children’s headstones and those for cremated remains, as well as memorial plaques for people or pets, they can also be added as a little something extra to an existing memorial.

Sarsfield Memorials has a range of standard heart shaped headstones and our skilled craftsmen can also make them into any style you wish and add ornamentation if desired. If you would like to discuss you requirements, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to give you a free no obligation quote.