Liverpool City Council Cemeteries

Liverpool City Council administers six cemeteries at locations around the city. All of them were opened prior to the First World War, and not all of them have new grave plots available for purchase. 

Allerton Cemetery Entrance

The newest of Liverpool City Council’s cemeteries is Allerton, which opened in 1909. It was designed by the city engineer John A. Brodie, who sought to make it more welcoming, like a park, with much greenery and wide pathways. Allerton is rare in that all three of the denominational chapels are still standing, although none of them are currently in use. 

The lodge at Allerton Cemetery now home to the administrative staff of Liverpool City Council’s cemeteries and crematoria department. Please be aware though that there is no drop-in service, all enquiries are dealt with by email and telephone. 

Allerton Cemetery has new grave plots available for both regular burials and cremated remains. There is also a dedicated Muslim section as well as an area for eco-friendly woodland burials.

The only other of Liverpool City council’s cemeteries where plots can be purchased for both regular burials and cremated remains is Anfield, which opened in 1863. Of the other four cemeteries, Toxteth and Everton have new grave plots available. Kirkdale and West Derby cemeteries both have plots for cremated remains available, but burials can only be accommodated in existing graves which are not full to capacity. 

Liverpool City Council’s two crematoria are at Anfield and Springwood, which are both in very close proximity to Anfield and Allerton cemeteries respectively. Both crematoria have memorial gardens where ashes can be scattered and small memorial plaques placed for a fixed period. In addition Springwood has a dedicated baby garden and Anfield also has a columbarium where memorial caskets can be placed, renewable every five or ten years. 

A full range of Liverpool City Council’s fees and charges for their cemeteries can be downloaded here. As of February 2020, a grave plot including the right to erect a memorial costs £1040 for city residents and £2040 for non residents. The cost of replacing a memorial to an existing grave is £163 and adding inscriptions £46. Unlike many other local authorities, Liverpool still allows kerb sets in their cemeteries for a fee of £104. 

Sarsfield Memorials are licensed to work in all Liverpool City Council run cemeteries. We are Liverpool’s oldest family run monumental mason business and have been in going for over seventy years. If you would like to discuss erecting a memorial or renovating an existing one at an of Liverpool’s cemeteries or crematoria, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a free no obligation quote.