Liverpool City Council Cemetery Fees

If you are purchasing a grave or erecting/renovating a headstone at any Liverpool City council operated cemetery, there are a range of fees that are applicable and  they vary according to whether or not you are a resident of the city.

As at 1st November 2016, it costs Liverpool residents £900 to purchase a new burial grave while those for cremated remains are £557. These prices include the right to erect a memorial there, but do not include the cost of the interment itself. This costs £740 for a full burial of an adult, £132 for a child under sixteen and £228 for cremated remains, whether it be in a newly purchased grave or an existing one. For non Liverpool residents, the cost of the grave purchase and interment needs to be doubled.


These prices are on the assumption that the interment will take place on a weekday, for a Saturday they rise by 50% and for a Sunday they double. The interment fees for existing graves include the cost of removing the headstone only, if you have a kerbset then you must contact a mason for them to remove the headstone and kerbs, Liverpool city council will not remove them. A mason will charge for this service. We are able to remove them at the agreed cost and we will store them for you free of charge until the ground has settled and they can be refixed. If the council remove the headstone for an internment it will remain lying on the grave until you authorise a mason to refix it, this is due to changes in health and safety regulations, they must be fixed with an anchoring system by an approved mason.

If you are looking to add or replace a headstone to a grave that was purchased or re-opened before 1st April 2002 a different set of fees apply. It is £300 for the right to erect a new larger monument anything over 48″ tall, or £142 for the right to place a memorial on both a full and cremated remains grave. The right to add kerbsets to these graves is £90, while for Jewish graves they are £142, due to the council supplying the foundation. Often families are confused by the cemetery fees so you can always check with a mason or contact the cemetery office direct on 0151 233 3004.

Liverpool cemeteries

There may be occasions when you are considering relocating your loved one’s remains, either within the cemetery or somewhere else altogether. Exhumation though is a costly business, with Liverpool city council charging £2297 for a full body. For cremated remains to be exhumed, the cost is £1093 from a full grave and £456 from a cremated remains one.

Liverpool City Council only allows those on its list of Registered Memorial Masons to operate within their cemeteries. Sarsfield Memorials is on this list and can assist with all necessary paperwork and fees if applicable when it comes to erecting or renovating memorials in the city’s cemeteries. Please contact us here for more information and we will be happy to give you a free no obligation quote.