Spring Cleaning in Cemeteries

Spring is a time when many tasks that have been left undone during the dark drab months of winter are completed. One of those can be tending to your loved one’s memorial; this may mean getting a new one altogether, cleaning the headstone and urn, leaving fresh flowers and clipping the grass around the edges.

Cemeteries are nice, colourful and fresh in the spring, with flowers blooming to brighten up weather beaten gravestones. The grass is freshly cut and days are longer and brighter, everything just looks so much tidier and neater. This is exactly what the Victorian landscapers had in mind when they designed the cemeteries where our loved ones are remembered today. In today’s less God fearing, it has also created an ambiance where cemeteries can be places where the lives of the deceased who rest there can be celebrated rather than mourned.

If you’re loved one’s grave remains without a headsA headstone before and after it was cleaned by Sarsfield Memorials craftsmentone, spring is the perfect time to have a new one installed as the ground is much more settled and firmer than in the winter. If the memorial is being fixed to a concrete base, then it is always advisable to install this during seasons when frost and heavy rain are less likely. The conditions in spring are also much more suitable for refurbishment of existing headstones, whether it be removing them to inscribe new lettering, or fixing a new ground anchor.

Sarsfield Memorials provide a range of options for new headstones and refurbishment of existing ones. If you require a new standard headstone then we can usually have these installed within six weeks of you placing an order, so late February/early March is an ideal time to consider having one that will be ready in April. If all you need is for an existing gravestone to be cleaned up, this can usually be done sooner. We also provide grave tending services if you are unable to get to the cemetery yourself due to time, distance or health constraints.  Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a free no obligation quote.

Why Anchoring Your Headstone Is So Important

When purchasing a headstone for your loved one’s grave, one of the most important things to consider is will it be anchored. If the answer is yes, then you can be sure that the gravestone is secure for many years to come.

Sarsfield Memorbramm logo accreditationials is a member of the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM). This was set up in 2004 to establish a national register of accredited masons to replace the local registration schemes which were then in existence.  This is the masons equivalent of the CORGI standard which is applied to gas fitters  Many local authorities are now only allowing masons to fit memorials that have signed up to BRAMM.

Among the aims of BRAMM is to ensure all gravestones are fixed to the BS8415 standard. This specifies minimum lengths of anchor that are needed, dependent on ground conditions.

The anchoring system used by Sarsfield is the Ground Support System C.C.A ® Central Collapsible Support. These anchors are adjustable depending on the thickness of the base of the memorial, they require no adhesive cement and are simple for Masons to remove and re-affix to headstones, should the gravestone have to be removed for future internments.














All of Sarsfield’s masons have the BRAMM fixer licence, so you can be rest assured at the quality of our workmanship. These are issued to fixers once they passed a practical and written test, meaning that installing the headstone to the BS8415 standard is guaranteed. Fixers must re-apply for their licence every five years and be able to show that they continue to meet the standards required. Any headstone supplied by someone with a BRAMM Fixer Licence is certain to be stable and fitted to a uniform standard by somebody with the skills and knowledge of the procedures required to do so.

Sarsfield Memorials will always guarantee that all new headstones anchored by our masons are done so to the BRAMM standards. The same applies to older gravestones that we may restore, as if a memorial is removed from a cemetery it must be anchored to minimum standards on refixing, even if it wasn’t initially fitted to them.

Liverpool City Council is one local authority that does not require masons to be BRAMM accredited. However we are because we choose to fix our memorials to a standard that is recognised throughout the trade and give our customers added security and peace of mind. Please contact us for advice and a free no obligation quote if you are thinking of buying a memorial or wish to bring an older one up to the modern safety standards.

Grave Tending for Christmas

Christmas is a time when family members may want to remember their loved ones by paying a visit to the grave. However factors such as location, age, disability and time can make this difficult. At Sarsfield memorials though we can give you peace of mind by laying a wreath or any other floral arrangements for you and ensure that the grave is suitably maintained.

Our basic ChristmasIMG_0237 grave tending costs £50 and involves a visit to the grave between 14th December and 24th December, where a 12 inch holly wreath will be laid. We will also remove all dead plants, flowers and leaf litter, and clean and empty vases. For an extra cost, fresh flowers can also be placed there in addition to the wreath. The grass will be trimmed and edged around the headstone, which will be lightly cleaned with soap and water.

A photograph will be taken at the beginning and end of the tending visit so you can see what has been done, and you will also be provided with a written report on the condition of the gravestone. This means that you are made aware at the earliest opportunity of any damage or remedial work that may be required.

In addition to Sarsfield Memorials’ basic Christmas grave tending service, there are additional options that are available for an extra charge. These include leaving artificial flowers and plants, replacing vases, planting bulbs or leaving additional flowers or holly crosses.

Sarsfield Memorials has a year round grave tending service, with a tiered price structure depending on how frequently it is required.  All options involve the same sIMG_0236ervice as the Christmas visit (except for the wreath). The bronze option sees us tend to the grave annually, silver involves quarterly visits, while gold is for those who would like the grave tended to monthly. Discounts are available for more than one grave.

As well as the grave tending, we are also able to carry out turfing work around the memorial, add topsoil, replace chippings, or give the headstone a full chemical clean. If necessary, we can re-anchor or level the headstone too.

Please contact us for further information about our Christmas or year round grave tending service and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and give you a free no obligation quote.