Memorial Payment Plans

When you have suffered a bereavement and already had to pay funeral expenses, finding the extra money for a headstone can be difficult. This can be even more of a problem if the death had been unforeseen, as a result of a sudden accident for example.

Even taking into account the six month period of ground settling after burial that is recommended before adding a headstone, you may still need more time. The headstone is a lasting tribute to your loved one, and you may regret it at a later date if you rush to pay for one that you can afford but it may not be your preferred choice

Sarsfield Memorials offer payment terms which allow you to choose your preferred headstone but pay for it at your own pace. We will then fit the headstone when the full balance has been paid, as long as it is within eighteen months of placing the order. We promise that the total price quoted at the beginning will remain the same for that period, with the exception of any Cemetery or Churchyard Fees which generally increase every twelve months.

There are no binding agreements with our payment plans, we simply take a deposit from you and you tell us a rough timescale for making repayments. You can be as flexible as you like with them, paying as much or little as you afford and we accept payment by cash, cheque, or BACS. There is no added interest, all we ask is that the balance is settled within eighteen months. You will then have a memorial that you is really fitting and an eternal tribute to your loved one.

If you are considering purchasing a headstone but have been worried about meeting the cost, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do what we can to help you, as we understand that part of a families grieving is making the right personal choice for marking a loved ones resting place. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements and payment options, as well as offer a free no obligation quote.