Headstones For Liverpool Fans

As one of the most successful clubs in world football it is no surprise that headstones for Liverpool fans are so popular. You need not walk around any of the city’s cemeteries for long before seeing headstones marking the grave of someone who was clearly a Liverpool fan.

There are various options for Liverpool FC related headstones. If you wish the whole gravestone can be hand carved into the shape of the club crest, or alternatively a conventional headstone can be used with the club badge then etched or sandblasted onto it. The beauty of modern technological advances is that traditional hand crafted methods can exist side by side with new techniques. Sandstone, Portland stone and marble are easier to carve, while granite is ideal for etchings or sandblasting.


You may instead consider having the Liverpool FC crest printed onto a ceramic plaque which is then fixed to the headstone. These plaques are kiln finished and extremely durable against extreme weather conditions and vandalism. These plaques can also be added to existing memorials that are already fixed in the cemetery, so they can make ideal gifts for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and so on.

If having the Liverpool FC crest is too indiscreet, then perhaps a simple inscription may be more suitable for you. There are many phrases associated with the club, You’ll Never Walk Alone especially, which can alternatively be abbreviated to Y.N.W.A. and added to the headstone inscription. 

One aspect of a Liverpool FC related headstone you need to consider is whether the colours of the club crest will match your choice of material. If you want an image etched in grayscale onto the headstone, then black granite is the most suitable. If you are looking at the etching being coloured, then consider what red goes best with; sandstone would arguably be better than grey granite for example.  

If your loved one was a Liverpool fan and you would like a headstone to reflect this, at Sarsfield Memorials we are sure to have something for you. We have over sixty years of experience of guiding customers on the right type of memorial for you and will be glad to assist. Please feel free to contact us for a discussion on how we can best meet your requirements and a free no obligation quote.