Updating Family Memorials

Lifting, Storing, Updating and Re-affixing a Family Gravestone Following a Recent Death

While a death in the family is always a sad and distressing time, some things can bring a small measure of comfort. Some families decide to purchase a family plot in a burial ground of their choice, ensuring that family members can be buried together. There is a great deal of solace and reassurance to be gained from knowing that family members share a last resting place, and that couples, mothers, fathers, children and other close relatives are reunited. Having a place to visit those who are gone but not forgotten, where we can pay our respects or even just have a chat, can give us a sense of well-being.

But what happens when the day comes that you need to add a recently-departed relative to a family grave?

How memorials are sometimes left...

How memorials are sometimes left…

...Damage can result from weathering and other adverse conditions

…Damage can result from weathering and other adverse conditions

Firstly, the memorial stone must, of course, be removed for the funeral. A new inscription must be added. And there is then a period, usually of around six months, before the ground settles and the memorial stone can be returned to its rightful position.

During this time, simply allowing the stone to lie on the ground in the vicinity makes it much more vulnerable to weathering – the lettering can be damaged, for example. It’s also more likely to suffer accidental damage, or even more unfortunately, become a target for mindless vandals.

Why not give yourself and your family peace of mind?

At Sarsfield Memorials Liverpool, our expert memorial masons will uplift your family’s gravestone safely and professionally. We will then store it for you in the optimum conditions until it’s ready to be reinstated on the gravesite. We’ll do this free of charge.

We can also update the memorial stone by engraving any additional inscription, which we charge for by the letter. We will additionally clean the stone and re-gild or re-lead the existing lettering, again charged for by the letter, if it has become necessary.

Finally, once the ground has settled, we’ll re-affix it securely and in line with the relevant local guidelines.

We offer this service throughout the North West and are happy to offer a free quotation before uplifting and updating family memorials, so that you know in advance what the cost will be. To find out more about our services for updating and storage of existing family memorials, email us at sarsfield@hotmail.co.uk or call us on 0151 228 5616 and we’d be happy to talk you through the process.