Angel Headstones


Even in a more secular age, angel headstones remain a popular choice for family members when choosing a memorial for their loved one. This is because even if somebody may not be devoutly religious, they may still believe in a spiritual world in which angels are a guiding light.

Angel headstones and other ornamentation do not necessarily have to signify religious devotion. Angels weeping or pointing to the floor for instance, can simply indicate an early or untimely death. This is especially poignant for younger people, portraying innocence.

Angel Headstones

On the other hand, angels praying are more of an indication of deep religious belief, while an angel pointing upwards with wings outstretched represents guiding the deceased’s soul on its journey to heaven. Angels with trumpets also have a deeply religious meaning, as they are referring to the Day of Judgement.

On children’s graves, memorials with cherubs are more likely to be used than angel headstones. A cherub is an innocent looking child with wings and as with angels pointing upwards, signify the journey of the soul to heaven.

When it comes to design the angel may be an integral part of the headstone, carved from the material from which the whole memorial is made. Or instead it may be moulded separately and joined on to a traditional style memorial. This would happen if the memorial is not white; no matter what type of material you use for your basic headstone, the angel will always be white. Angels can be carved into marble, granite or stone.

Rather than be part of the headstone, small ornamental angels can be used for you memorial instead. They can be ideal additions to kerbsets for example, or instead you may wish to have an image of an angel etched onto the material .

At Sarsfield Memorials we have a range of designs of angel headstones and ornamentation available, but we can also offer a bespoke service if there is something specific you have in mind. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer a free no obligation quote.