Sample Obituaries and Verses

Sample Obituaries and Verses

When a loved ones passes it is often very difficult to know what to say. Words often cannot be found to express how we feel and there is so much that needs to be done and said.

It is traditional for some families to announce the death of a loved one in the births, deaths and marriages section of local newspapers. Here in Liverpool, families will usually place a “family announcement” in the Liverpool Echo. But when it is hard say anything at all, what do you put in the paper?

It was for this reason I thought it may be useful to make a list of many of the verses, that I have come across over the years. These verses are all suitable for obituaries, remembrance cards and headstones.You can find them by following the blue links below.

I hope you find comfort in some of these words.
Ursula Sarsfield

Obituary verses – general

Verses for the loss of a man in the family Dad, Uncle, Brother

Verses for the loss of a lady in the family Mum, Sister, Auntie

Verses for the loss of Babies and Children