Baby Headstones

The passing of your precious one, so special and so loved is a very sad time. Providing baby headstones is one of the harder tasks of a monumental mason but we would like to help you think of those precious moments and happy times with a smile.

We can produce memorials that truly reflect those special and cherished memories, we understand it is an extremely difficult process for the family concerned. Choosing a long lasting memorial to remember a life lost is not easy and we are on hand to guide you, no matter how long it takes.

Using our expert knowledge, at Sarsfield Memorials we aim to take you through the process of choosing and installing your memorial at a pace you are comfortable with. At no stage will you be under pressure and we offer flexible payment terms.

Some families will choose a baby memorial in the shape of a teddy, a star, a cherub or their child’s favourite character or toy. Others will have a simple design and add ornamentation such as photoplaques, laser etchings, coloured designs. If the memorial is in a cemetery where kerbs and chippings are allowed they will add bright coloured chippings and add personal items like toys and teddies.

There are a range of inscriptions that can be used on baby headstones. ‘Held for a moment, loved for ever’ is a popular one. Brightly coloured lettering or baby blue or baby pink colours are often used for inscriptions too. Families can choose from many styles of lettering, whether it be traditional, cartoon style or similar to children’s writing.

Generally, local authorities are much more flexible nowadays than in previous times when it comes to baby headstones, appreciating that such a short life can be commemorated not just mourned.

At Sarsfield Memorials we offer a wide selection of baby headstones and will always remain attentive on your wishes. We will help you through the process at a pace you are comfortable with and you will see a final design to approve before we carry out the work. All our headstones are made out of the best quality materials and fitted to NAMM standard. Please contact us if you require any further information.