Sample Inscriptions

Sample Inscriptions

Choosing a headstone for a loved ones grave is a difficult and emotional task. How do you sum up someone’s life in just a few short words, is there an etiquette that should be followed?

Below we have included some popular examples of gravestone text and sample inscriptions. Please be assured that our masons are able to craft the memorial in many styles and languages, to ensure that your loved one has the memorial of distinction that is right for them.

  • In Loving Memory Of
  • Sacred Heart Of Jesus Pray For
  • Fondest Memories Of
  • With Love We Remember
  • In Memory Of
  • In Fond Remembrance
  • Remembered With Love
  • In Affectionate Memory Of
  • Remembered With A Smile
  • Loving Memories Of
  • Sweet Memories Of
  • Our Lady Of Lourdes Pray For
  • In Cherished Memory Of
  • Lovingly Remembered
  • Treasured Memories Of
  • In Sweet Memory Of
  • Remembered with Love
  • Entered Into Rest
  • Sacred Memories Of
  • In Remembrance Of
  • St Anthony Pray For
  • Cherished Memories Of
  • Precious Memories Of
  • Everlasting Memories Of
  • Pray For
  • Forever Loved
  • Unforgettable Memories Of


In Loving Memory Of

A Dear Husband, Father and Grandfather
Died 26th January 2011 Aged 56 Years

Our Lady Of Lourdes Pray For

A Loving Husband, Dad And Grandad
10.07.1920 – 20.03.2010

Treasured Memories Of

A Devoted Wife, Mum And Nana
20th June 1927 – 13th May 2012

With Love We Remember

A Dearly Loved Son And Brother
Who Fell Asleep 10th September 2009
Aged 48 Years

Children’s Epitaphs

  • You Will Find Comfort In The Arms Of An Angel
  • There Is A Home For Little Children
    Above The Bright Blue Sky
  • Safe In The Arms Of Jesus
  • So Small, So Sweet, So Soon
  • Sleep My Little One, Sleep
  • Those Who Have Held In Our Arms For A Little While,
    We Hold In Our Hearts Forever
  • Remembering Our Tiny Angel
  • Children Are The Keys of Paradise
  • Sleep Our Beautiful Angel On Your Pillow In The Sky,
    Angels Are Forever So We’ll Never Say Goodbye
  • A Tiny Flower Lent Not Given
    To Bud On Earth And Bloom In Heaven
  • Forever Young, Forever In Our Hearts
  • Jesus Called A Little Child
  •  Tread Carefully, Here Lies Our World
  • An Angel In The Book Of Life
    Wrote Down My Baby’s Birth,
    And Whispered As She Closed The Book,
    Too Beautiful For Earth
  •  Sweetly Sleeping
  •  ‘Sleep My Little One, Sleep’

Epitaph Verses – One Line

  • An Inspiration To Us All
  • Gone But Not Forgotten
  • Our Love Goes With You And Our Souls Wait To Join You
  • He/She Touched The Lives Of Many
  • A Man/Woman Of Tender Heart And Generous Spirit
  • They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow
  • Gone Is The Face We Love So Dear
  • Sadly Missed By All The Family
  • Too Dearly Loved To Be Forgotten
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd
  • Remembered Always
  • Thy Will Be Done
  • Loves Last Gift, Remembrance
  • In God’s Care
  • Silent Is The Voice We Loved
  • One In A Million
  • Safe In The Arms of Jesus
  • Till We Meet Again
  • I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
  • Holding Precious Memories Forever
  • Loving Memories Last Forever
  • Too Dearly Loved, Ever To Be Forgotten
  • Re-united
  • Grant Him/Her O Lord, Eternal Rest
  • Sleeping
  • Resting Where No Shadows Fall
  • Rest In Peace
  • Love Is Eternal And Love Is Immortal
  • Peace Perfect Peace
  • As You Loved Us, We Love You
  • At Rest
  • Loves Last Gift Remembrance


Epitaph Verse – Two Lines

  • His/Her Life A Beautiful Memory
    His/Her Absence A Silent Grief
  • On Earth One Gentle Soul Less
    In Heaven One Angel More
  • To Live In The Hearts Of Those
    We Love Is Not To Die
  • The Life Of The Dead,
    Is Placed In The Memory Of The Living
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd
    I Shall Not Want
  • Peacefully Sleeping Free From Pain,
    We Would Not Wake You To Suffer Again
  • If Love Could Have Saved You
    You Would Never Have Died
  • God Takes Our Loved Ones From Our Sight,
    But Never From Our Hearts
  • A Last Goodbye You Didn’t Say
    But In Our Hearts You Will Always Stay
  • Gone Are The Days We Used To Share
    But In Our Hearts You’re Always There
  • Deep In My Heart You Will Always Stay
    Loved And Remembered Every Day
  • In Our Hearts You Will Always Stay,
    Loved And Remembered Every Day
  • Memories Are A Gift To Treasure
    Ours Of You Will Last Forever
  • Every Day In Some Small Way,
    We Miss You More Than Words Can Say
  • Tenderly I Treasure The Past
    With Memories That Will Always Last
  • You Are Always Near
    So Missed, So Loved, So Very Dear
  • Only Goodnight Beloved
    Not Farewell
  • If I Could Have A Wish Come True
    I Wish My Darling I Still Had You
  • In Heaven You Rest, No Worry, No Pain
    God Bless You Till We Meet Again
  • Time Goes On The Days Pass By
    But Memories Of You Will Never Die
  • Father In Thy Gracious Keeping
    Leave We Now Our Loved One
  • Always In Our Thoughts
    Forever In Our Hearts