Individually Designed Memorials


Technological advances that have made it far easier to cut various types of stone it mean’s there is now far greater scope for individually designed memorials for your loved one.individually designed memorials

Natural materials can be cut into various shapes and sizes and not just the conventional headstone types. Many local authorities have now relaxed the rules over memorial shapes they don’t have to be traditional in style and it is not uncommon to see them in the shape of cars, motorbikes or flowers for example.

In addition to memorial shape, there is also far greater scope now for inscriptions and images. Advances in laser etching and sandblasting have allowed for a much greater range of images, from the traditional angels and religious figures to football club crests. Moving on from the traditional techniques, mosaic images made from glass and ceramic are another way to add colour and uniqueness to a headstone.

Bespoke memorials for children and babies are common, with local authorities often offering more flexibility when it comes to size and shape compared to adult headstones. You will see manindividually designed memorialsy more memorials that celebrate rather than mourn the life lost. Memorials shaped like teddy bears are popular, while cartoon characters can be etched in colour onto the material.

At Sarsfield Memorials we pride ourselves in offering a bespoke service when it comes to designing your memorial. You are literally starting with a blank sheet of paper and you can decide if you want a conventional shape headstone with a simple inscription, or consider something unique to your loved one’s personality. Usually we can give quotes within 48 hours but in the case of individually designed memorials, it may take a few days longer. We are able to start work once you have paid a 50% deposit or set up a payment plan? Please contact us if you would like to discuss further and we will be happy to provide a  free no obligation quote.