Book Shaped Headstones

Book shaped headstones are a popular choice of memorial for those who may want something that differs from the conventional rectangular design.   

The book can signify a number of things. It may be a document of the deceased’s life, listing their date of birth and death, family and vocation. Alternatively it may indicate that a chapter is over. If the memorial has a torn cover, then this means that the deceased’s life was cut short too soon.

.Blue pearl granite open book

In some cases, the book may be closed due to the deceased having moved from this life to the next. There are also religious meanings, the book signifying the Bible and this may be emphasised by a religious citation. Book shaped headstones are not restricted to Christian burials and in Muslim graves for example could signify the Koran.

Book shaped headstones are traditionally black granite but they can be made from marble or other types of granite. Both these materials can be cut into the book shape easily and the lettering can be carved into the stone or laser etched.

One thing to consider when it comes to book shaped headstones is that if the book is open then this reduces the width, meaning there is less space for lettering. As such you should take this into account when thinking of a book shaped headstone, as the length of your intended inscription or epitaph may need to be shortened. This reduction though can be offset by having a riser base, which allows more room for an inscription there.

Sarsfield Memorials have a range of headstones that are book shaped and some examples can be seen here. If you are considering a book shaped headstone for your loved one’s grave please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a free no obligation quote