Celtic Cross Memorials


Some of the grandest monuments in some of Liverpool’s cemeteries for example are Celtic Cross memorials of the 19th Century. One is in Toxteth Park Cemetery marking the grave of shipping merchant Samuel Graves, Liverpool’s Mayor in 1861 and later representing the as a Member of Parliament.

Nowadays, monuments of the size of Samuel Graves’s would be prohibitively expensive for many people, or exceed local authority guidelines on memorial size. However there are a number of options available if you would like a Celtic cross memorial that remembers your loved ones spiritual beliefs and Irish, Scottish or Welsh roots.

An integral part of Celtic Cross memorials is the Celtic knot symbol. This represents life being  part of a uninterrupted, infinite timeless cycle, the rebirth of tCeltic Cross Memorialshe spirit into the next world. The circle that connects the four pieces of the cross indicates eternity.

The Celtic Cross can form part of the memorial, not all of it. Recently Sarsfield Memorials have completed a Sarsfield have recently completed a hand carved Celtic Cross and added it to a black granite headstone, which we also textured around the edge and base (right image).

Sarsfield Memorials is Liverpool’s oldest family run monumental mason and  over the years we have provided a large number of Celtic Cross memorials. Advances in technology now mean that there is Celtic Cross Memorialsa much wider scope and custom designs are far more straightforward to produce.  An example is on the image below left, a two plate memorial we did in September 2017. One plate has a Celtic Cross carved onto it and the other with lettering. Celtic crosses don’t have to be carved, they can be laser etched as well in some circumstances.

If you would like to discuss a having a Celtic Cross memorial for your loved one’s grave, whether it be one of our standard designs or a bespoke one, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss requirements.