Granite Headstones

Granite headstones are an ideal material when choosing a memorial for your loved one. They are low cost compared to many other materials and available in various finishings and the strength of granite means it is a very durable and naturalgranite headstones material.

The word granite originates from the Latin granum (grain) and refers to the rock’s coarse grained structure. It comes in a variety of colours and is distributed

around much of the Earth. It is too deep down and therefore comparatively straightforward to excavate. These factors mean that granite headstones compare very well in terms of cost against those made from other materials.

The strength of granite means it is a very durable headstone. However granite memorials only appeared in cemeteries in the 1830s after the invention of the steam powered cutting process by Alexander MacDonald of Aberdeen. Prior to MacDonald’s invention, granite headstones were unfeasible as they simply could not be effectively hand carved.

During the Victorian era, large granite memorials became prominent all over Britain and on seeing them in cemeteries today, it is sometimes difficult to believe they have been exposed to the elements for 150 years or more. Granite remains popular today partly because of this durability but also due to it requiring relatively low maintenance. Providing the right materials are used, it can be cleaned without damaging the surface or increasing the risk of further damage.

granite headstones

If you are considering a granite headstone for somebody buried in a churchyard, they are only allowed at the discretion of the priest or vicar. Depending on the location of the churchyard some will only allow Yorkstone. As such we always seek advice for memorials within churchyards at the earliest stage, especially when they are outside our area. Within the Merseyside area where we primarily work we know more what is allowed and what isn’t.

Granite comes in a variety of colours, including shades of black, red, grey and blue. This means there is plenty of choice when choosing the right memorial made from granite for your loved one. Modern techniques of laser etching and sandblasting mean that there is no limit to what epitaph or images can be placed on granite headstones.

All these factors mean that at Sarsfield Memorials we receive a lot of enquiries for granite headstones and can offer a variety of choices to meet your requirements. Please contact us and we will be happy to have a discussion and provide a free no obligation quote.