Widnes Cemeteries

Widnes cemeteries

The entrance to Widnes Cemetery

There are two cemeteries in the town of Widnes, situated in the borough of Halton, which straddles the River Mersey in Cheshire.

The newest of the Widnes cemeteries is Peel House cemetery on the former Fairfield High School site. This has only opened within the last few years and expects to provide capacity for burials until the end of this century. It is set out in a circular design with a central space for contemplation gardens.

Halton Council decided to open Peel House as Widnes Cemetery, dating from late Victorian times, is now nearing full capacity. In the cemetery is a pair of sandstone gabled chapels which are connected by a central tower and are Grade II listed. Part of this structure has now been converted into a crematorium, which caters for cremations for the whole borough. There are one hundred Commonwealth & War Graves Commission headstones at locations throughout the cemetery.

Both Widnes cemeteries have new burial plots available for regular graves. They can only be obtained when a burial is required, there is no advance purchase arrangement. Fees for 2023/24 are £572 for a smaller cremated remains plot, £957 for a grave for one or two burials, and £1080 for a grave that can accommodate three coffins. These are available on a fifty year renewable lease. These fees double for non Halton residents.

It costs £210 for a permit to erect a memorial in Widnes cemeteries and £60 to add additional inscriptions. As with nearly all local authorities, only BRAMM and NAMM registered masons can work in the cemeteries. In addition to traditional graves, Widnes Cemetery has memorial vaults available on renewable leases of ten, twenty of forty years, which can hold up to two caskets of cremated remains. These are made of polished granite, fronted with a black granite plaque on which inscriptions and photo plaques can be added.

Sarsfield Memorials are licensed to work in the two Widnes cemeteries. If you are thinking of installing a new memorial, making changes to or renovating an existing one, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.