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Pet Memorials - Tyson - Dog

Pet Memorials – Tyson

There is no doubt that animals hold a special place in our hearts. This is especially true of Liverpool folk. Did you know that the first ever animal charity in the world is said to have been started in Liverpool? In 1809, a group of concerned people met in a coffee house on Bold Street and set up a society “for the suppression and prevention of wanton cruelty to brute animals”. It’s likely that their interest at that time was in the conditions of the countless horses and other animals working round the city rather than domestic pets, but as the years passed, this charity became part of the RSPCA, which spends a great deal of time and money each year on stopping cruelty to all animals.

These days, we welcome pets into our homes and they’re more likely to become a part of the family than carry out tasks for us. We take care of them and they repay us with love and devotion. And so it’s always devastating when your pet dies.

They leave a big hole in our lives. We hold them in our hearts forever and nothing but time can take away the grief. However, what we’ve found is that it often helps to have a reminder, a physical memorial, as a way of recording the loyalty they offered you throughout their lifetime.

Pet Memorials - Flopsy

Pet Memorials – Flopsy

At Sarsfield Memorials Liverpool, we offer a range of tasteful yet affordable ways to remember your faithful friend. Whether you’d like to place a small plaque in your home or garden in your pet’s favourite spot, you’d like a grave marker or even a pet headstone to stand in one of the specialist pet cemeteries in Liverpool, we’d love to help you design a lasting, personal tribute to your much loved companion. Most memorials can incorporate a personal inscription or even a photograph of your beloved pet, so you and your family can remember them in happier days.

Pet Memorials - Cat

Pet Memorials – Cat


Look out for our dedicated page on the website, coming soon, with photographs of some of the many pet memorials we have crafted for previous customers. In the meantime, if you have any queries or special requests, we’d be pleased to advise you on how you can remember your loyal, loving pet with affection.