Sarsfield Are UK Agents for Incimar

Sarsfield Memorials are the UK agents for Incimar, an Italian company that provides marble engraving tools of a high-quality standard.

Incimar was established eighty years ago and has remained a market leader in an environment that is increasingly changing due to technological advances. They now manufacture CNC machines for the trade, for the manual machines that they have supplied over the years they still supply cylindrical and conical engraving tools with rounded, flat and sharp pointed heads. These are suitable for lettering, friezes and reliefs for both the manual and CNC machines.

In keeping up with developments in technology, Incimar also provide software and training for creating reliefs and images. This training can be completed in just two hours. Editing and re-touching tools allow for easy modification of the initial image by adding or removing elements. There can be thousands of variations possible from just one pattern.

Incimar MI 2.5

In addition to the tools required for modern methods, Incimar still provides parts for the manual MB70, MC800 and MC1000 machines. Production of these ceased a years ago but they remain commonly used by masons in this country. Whilst the machines are durable their parts do need replacing from time to time, with alphabets, cutters, guide points, sharpening wheels and drive belts not lasting forever.

As the UK agent for Incimar, Sarsfield, continues to receive enquiries about products, especially those for the MC800 an MC1000 machines. We have had three in the last week alone. Sarsfield’s relationship with Incimar goes back to when Terry Sarsfield spent time in Italy in the 1950s. In pre internet days his knowledge of the Italian language was invaluable in ensuring the right parts were ordered for masons in this country, Terry Sarsfield and Sarsfield Memorials Liverpool have supplied Incimar parts and new machines since the 1970’s.

A full range of Incimar’s products can be viewed on their website. if you would like to order anything for the manual or CNC machines or have any enquiries, please contact us, since Terry passed away in December 2022, Ursula his daughter is happy to assist with all your enquiries. This will save you the problem of contacting the factory directly and potential language difficulties. As soon as your invoice is paid, goods are dispatched but please note alphabets do take about twenty days to produce, they are made from blanks when the order is confirmed.