Marble Statues For Headstones

Marble statues are an ideal complement to your loved one’s memorial. They can add peace and tranquility, yet still reflect their character in ways photoplaque images may be unable to.

marble statues

Made out of strong material that doesn’t succumb to inclement weather so easily, marble statues enhance a memorial for a long time. They are usually, but not always, religious in theme. Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and angels are common, as are cherubs for children’s graves. Statues that are praying reflect the deceased being looked after in the next life, while wings signify the onward journey to Heaven.

Sometimes marble statues may be of a religious character but actually have a different meaning. Doves for example can reflect the Holy Spirit but also affection and devotion. The Virgin Mary may just reflect a mother mourning her son or daughter. Statues of saints could actually indicate a profession, such as with John the Baptist who is the patron saint of builders. Secular examples of marble statues included animals and teddy bears.

White marble statues can be added to darker coloured memorials and provide an excellent contrast between sorrow and hope. They may be affixed permanently to the top or base of the memorial, or instead free standing or as part of a kerbset. They come in all sizes, with some being just four or five inches high and weighing less than a kilo. This means they needn’t be beyond your budget. You must take into account local authority regulations for cemeteries and also bare in mind that they are unlikely to be allowed in churchyards.

Sarsfield Memorials, Merseyside’s longest running family owned monumental mason business, have a range of marble statues available. If you are interested in having one as part of a new memorial, or adding on to an existing grave, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and give guidance with no obligation.