Cremated Remains Plots

As more people choose to have their loved ones cremated rather than buried, it follows that there is increasing demand for cremated remains plots in cemeteries. At Sarsfield Memorials we have found though that some customers are confused as to what they are actually purchasing, as there are a number of different options.

Focussing solely on cemeteries and crematoriums maintained by Liverpool City Council, then how your loved ones ashes are interred or scattered vary considerably. What you choose very much is to do with how much you are willing to spend and in what ways you intend paying your respects.

cremated remains plots If quiet contemplation and reflection is your wish, then options offered at the gardens of remembrance in Anfield and Springwood crematoriums may well be for you. Here, ashes can be scattered and a memorial rose planted with a plaque displayed for up to five years at a cost of £152. Alternatively, a wall plaque is £229 or spaces in colonnade niches available for £456 for up to ten years, with further charges for inscriptions and photographs. At Springwood there is a dedicated baby garden of rest with plaque options available. In all these cases the plaques are removed at the end of the time period unless you pay for renewal.

If you prefer to remember your loved one in a more personal setting for a longer period, or you want to keep ashes of family members are a better option. Allerton, Anfield, and Everton cemeteries have plots solely for the interment of cremated remains, each holding up to four caskets. These cost £643 for Liverpool residents and have a lease of 75 years, which is renewable. These plots allow for permanent memorials to be placed there. Subjects to size restrictions, these memorials can be bespoke with whatever inscriptions and images you wish to have added.

cremated remains plotsThe third and final option involves no payment at all to the council or memorial masons. There is no legal requirement for ashes to be disposed of in designated cremated remains plots. So if you wish to bury them in your garden, or scatter them in your loved one’s favourite place, there is nothing to stop you. If you have a family grave in a council cemetery, their name could be added to the existing memorial as a permanent record of their life.

Sarsfield Memorials is Liverpool’s Oldest daily run monumental mason business. We are licensed to work in all of Liverpool’s cemeteries and have a range of memorial options available. If you would like to discuss your requirements please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide a quote with no obligation.