Memorial Caskets For Cremated Remains

If your loved one has been cremated and you have not had the ashes interred or scattered at a cemetery or in their favourite place, a memorial casket for the home or garden is an option for you.

Caskets are portable and can be taken with you if you move home. As well as being used for storing the ashes, it is not uncommon for other personalised items to be added too. In fact, they don’t actually have to contain the ashes, but could instead have a lock of hair or piece of jewellery for ingreener memorial tabletstance. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, cardboard, ceramics and glass.

Working in conjunction with Liverpool company Greener Memorials, Sarsfield Memorials can provide eco-friendly memorial caskets for an affordable £195 that can be situated either inside or outside the home. These caskets are large enough to hold the ashes, but are still small enough so as not to overwhelm the room or part of the garden where they are placed.

Made from eco-friendly materials that leave a low carbon footprint, please note they are not natural stone. The caskets are durable against the elements and have the look of granite but not the weight so are easy to carry. In addition to the space for storage of the cremated remains, they come with a personalised plaque, ceramic photograph and flower holder. Available in a range of colours, they provide a fitting tribute to your loved one and are delivered in a beautiful presentation box.Greener memorial tablet

If the memorial is for the garden, stainless steel ground pegs are included for securing it to the ground. These are easy to remove should you wish to move it to another part of the garden or you move home. If you prefer to keep the casket indoors, it also comes with four studded feet.

Please contact us and we will arrange for a representative from Greener Memorials to speak with you. We can usually have your casket ready within fourteen days of placing your order, although if you are ordering from abroad please allow twenty eight days for delivery.